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Six Step Process

EBMC Citizenship Proven Six Step Process Under CBI Program

14 Days

2 Weeks        1-2 Months

1 Months


Complimentary Construction and pre-screening
(7 days)

Our Team will require a copy the photo page of your passport and a completed pre-screen questionnaire to initiate our complimentary background checks to determine your eligibility to apply for citizenship.


Execution of the most suitable Investment, Submission of Application
(7 days)

Upon confirming your eligibility for citizenship, we will forward our client service agreement and pro-forma invoice detailing all the services and applicable fees.


Selection of the most suitable Investment, Submission of Application
(7-14 days)

Our Team will assist you on the selection of the most appropriate investment option based on your specific requirement and guide your step-by-step through the application preparation process. Application submission.


Application Processing
(30-60 days)

Upon submission of your complete application to the Citizenship by Investment Unit. Our team constantly monitors the progress of the application and is in contact with you and the authorities to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.


Approval and completion of Application
(7 days)

Within 30 days of receipt of an official letter from the Citizenship by Investment Unit approving your application in principle, the balance of the real estate investment or donation amount along with the requisite government processing fees are payable.


Issuance of Citizenship Certificate and Passport
(10-15 days)

Within approximately 15 working days of receipt of payment of the government fees and investment, the Government will issue a Citizenship Certificate. Your passport will be processed within 5 working days. At this point EBMC will securely and citizenship package of you.