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ABOUT Hong Kong

Hong Kong Business Formation

Hong Kong, the world’s most dynamic and economic region, leading international finance and business center, offers entrepreneurs and firms a supreme location to participate in the Asian economies, and is a doorway to the Chinese market.

A series of specialized procedures and substantial time consumption in rules compliance is involved in forming a company in Hong Kong. EBMC, provides you with great convenience in setting up a Hong Kong entity through all inclusive Company Formation services including preparation of all statutory documents, the 1st year company secretarial services and indispensable open bank account services.


To form a limited company in Hong Kong, there are 3 ways, a whole new company is set up, or a readymade company (or named shelf company) is purchased.

In the case of a new company set up, preferred company name should be specified, although it takes relatively longer registration process. In the case of the company purchase, a list which includes never-used shelf company names is given so that a name is selected, which takes a shorter processing time.

The Electronic registration It takes 1 working day Only

We offer our customers the latest electronic registration services. This method combines the shelf company method and the tradition method. The advantages are that the customers can choose the company name and it only takes 1 day. However, the customer will not be the first director or shareholder.

Traditional Method It takes 7 working days Only

Customers can customize the company name, be the first director and shareholder.

Shell Company. Fast and convenient. It takes 1 working day Only

This is currently the most efficient way. Customers can choose a company from a list of shelf companies that EBMC has on offer. We will then transfer the shares to the customer and replace the director to make it the customer’s company. This method takes 3 days.

EBMC Ready-Made Company

Purchasing a Ready-Made Company is the fastest and most common way to hold a Hong Kong Limited Company. Normally you may own your company within 1-2 working days. You only need to prepare and send us personal documents and choose a company in the below Ready Made Companies list.

Why EBMC Ready-Made Company?

Entrepreneurs maybe concerned about the risk of purchasing a ready-mde company such as any liability, legal proceedings or other business commencing. All these factor will affect business reputation of that company and it's owner. For the purpose of protecting our clients, all our ready-made companies include a proof that no business has commenced.


In Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622) according to section 474, a Secretary should be present in every company, may be one of the directors, an individual residing in Hong Kong, or a corporate body that has a registered business or office there. Company Secretary is not a director or executive’s personal assistant. EBMC can handle all duties of a company secretary for you at a competitive price.

1. Residency Qualification:
If you wish to serve as a Company Secretary of a private company in Hong Kong, you must be a Hong Kong resident aged 18 or above, or a Hong Kong incorporated company, or an overseas incorporated company registered in Hong Kong as a non-Hong Kong company.

2. Status and Eligibility:
The Company Secretary is an officer of the company. The law states that one may not serve as the Company Secretary of a company if one is also the sole director. This cannot be circumvented by using another company of which one is also the sole director to act as the Company Secretary. In short a sole director and the Company Secretary cannot be one and the same.

3. Roles and Responsibilities:
As an officer of a company, you have roles and responsibilities. Even if you use a company to be Company Secretary, ultimately, you and others in your company could be held responsible for your actions, omissions and decisions. If you act contrary to or omit to act in accordance with your roles and responsibilities, you could be subject to daily default fines and other consequences.

4. Advisory and Compliance:
You are an advisor to the directors. As such, you need to remind your directors frequently of their duty to comply with the requirements under applicable laws and regulations. These include, among others, the Companies Ordinance, Business Registration Ordinance and the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

5. Administration and Record Updating:
You are an administrator and need to keep proper statutory books and records. You must continuously update them accurately. These books and records include minute books, statutory registers, common seals and books of accounts. You may need to retain them for seven years or more.

6. Record Keeping and Inspection:
You need to keep the company records at the registered office or another place in Hong Kong, of which you should advise the public via appropriate filings at the Companies Registry. During office hours, anyone can come to you and ask to inspect and take copies of the registers of members, directors and secretary, by paying a reasonable fee.

7. Corporate Filings:
You need to make periodic filings. These include annual returns, information of and about directors and officers, any increase of authorised or paid-up capital and reporting of the passing of ordinary and special resolutions. There are deadlines for the submission of such filings of which you should be aware.

8. Audit and Tax Filings:
You need to remind your directors to prepare the financial statements of the company, have them audited and approved annually at the annual general meeting of the company. These statements then have to be filed with the tax return of the company with the Inland Revenue Department for all business, whether within or outside Hong Kong.


According to the guideline from Hong Kong Govenment, once you carry on a trade, profession or business in the form of a corporation, partnership business or if a non-resident person is chargeable to profits tax in your name, a specific Tax Return(such as Tax Return BIR51) should be filed to report the profits tax liability. 

If there is failure to submit Tax Return, You may be subject to penalty proceedings which include payment of penalty or even prosecuted.

Taxation Services
  • Basic Tax advisory Service
  • Profit Tax Return Preparation and Filing
  • Application of Exemption of Profits Tax
  • Declaration of extension and tax objection
  • Salaries Tax Return Preparation and Filing